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Massage & Acupressure Therapy

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The body is an amazing, self-regulating and balancing machine. But from time to time, it needs some help, nurturing, and support. That is where you and I come together.

To schedule an appointment, please call or email me:


In-Office Appointments:

Standard Massage:

Massages are a custom blend of modalities to meet your healing needs and include:

* Consultation

* Custom Blend Aromatherapy

* Custom Blended Massage Cream/Oil with Certified Organic Bases and Essential Oils.

* Full Body Massage including Hot Stones, Slide Cupping, Reflexology, per your request and as time allows. 

60 minutes : $120.00

90 minutes: $145.00

120 minutes: $175.00

Special Combinations:

Neck Mobilization Session:

I love the subtleties and patience required for effective and PAIN FREE neck work to getting you moving again.

90 minute session includes an entire HOUR from the tip of your head to your fingertips, releasing facia, the associated muscles of the cervical spine, and using acupressure point to free the flow of Qi. The additional 30 minutes TBD on your specific needs.


Carib's Winter Bliss Massage Combo

90 Minutes: start with the deep heat relaxation of American Indian Hot Stone Treatment, followed by Full Body massage.

(MUST REQUEST IN ADVANCE  as the stones take several hours to heat up - this is NOT the same as a standard 'Hot Stone Massage')



Sore Feet Soother

90 Minutes: a full body massage featuring extra emphasis on the feet and hands.




The science of acupressure is incorporated into all of my massages as seems appropriate after your consultation. However, I also offer a more focused acupressure session:

60 Minutes: after a short discussion of your current health, this service will focus on acupressure points with minimal influences from a standard massage.


In-Home Services:

I'm pleased to offer the convenience of custom massage therapy and acupressure in the comfort of your own home!


In home treatments include:

* Travel to your home or vacation villa

* Consultation

* Custom Blend Aromatherapy

* Custom Blended Massage Cream/Oil with Certified Organic Bases and Essential Oils.

* Massage table

* 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage to meet your healing needs.




*Additional clients at same location/same day $145.00 each.

Travel within City of Laguna Beach.

Additional fees may apply for other locations. Please call or email for details.

What to book: I highly recommend a 90 minute appointment for first-time clients, as well as for clients with structural-muscle balancing issues. This allows you to get comfortable and relax in a new environment, and allows me the time to learn and assess the intricacies of your healing needs.

What to plan for: When planning for your session, please allow an additional 15 minutes for pre and post-massage consultation should it be needed.

If you must cancel or reschedule, 24 hours is kindly requested.

Gift Certificates Available

Custom Packages Available upon Request

Bridal Parties, Family Get Togethers, Ladies' Day - let's plan something together!

Want to know more?

My practice is based on the belief that through the five senses we can heal much of ourselves and each other. Bringing together those ideals of calming sights, soothing sounds, healing touch, taste of pure nutrients and the powerful effect of desired smells take the extra load off of our daily paths.

My massages feature the addition of the subtle work of Meridian Massage. Balancing Yin and Yang Qi for Mind, Body and Spirit.

(*Otherwise known as using strategic acupressure in massage*)

Chinese Medicine represents each season with the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each season, I'll share with you the Element and its influences on our minds, bodies, and souls. With these vulnerable elements in mind, my practice evolves with the changing of the seasons.

The Season is: SUMMER

The Element is : FIRE



The Emotion:


The Sense Organ is: TONGUE

Tissue associate is: BLOOD

The Weather: HOT

The Action is: Growing

Cycle of Plant: FLOWER(flowering)

You can expect extra focus or questions around this season.

The Fire Element

Fire Energy is hot, flaming, rises up, captures out attention.

Too much Fire can unsettle the Spirit; Too little Fire can leave us depleted.

    Cindy Black, Meridian Massage 

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