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Distributor for S.E.B. products.

 Distributor for S.E.B. products. 
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A complete line of Professional quality organic and vegan massage oils, creams, lotions, essential oils and balms.
I hope you will agree, these are some beautiful products for both the client and therapist alike.  Unscent, the oil, lotion and cream combine beautifully with essential oils or simply used alone.
Organic Massage Oil Blend 

8 Ounce           $11.50
Half Gallon       $45.95
One Gallon      $68.95
Five Gallon     $314.95 

Vegan Massage Lotion 

8 Ounce            $9.50
Half Gallon      $36.95
One Gallon     $56.95
Five Gallon    $265.95



Vegan Massage Cream

8 Ounce 
Refillable Tube      $12.50
Half Gallon            $45.95 
One Gallon           $71.95


Foot Cream

 2 Ounce Travel Size  $6.00
 8 Ounce                   $16.95
 Half Gallon               $68.95

This product was designed to bring relief to sore feet and legs by using Organic Peppermint, Organic Cocoa Butter and Organic Lemongrass.  .

Warming Massage Lotion

Ounce Travel size  $6.00 
8 Ounce               $14.95
Half Gallon           $64.95

 This product uses organic cinnamon oil and organic menthol crystals to create a gentle heating sensation, soothing achy muscles and helping to facilitate blood flow.  

We are now offering 10 USDA certified organic essential oils in 15ml bottles.  Please note that we will be selling them singularly or in cases of 5 for an additional discount

Essential Oils (15ml/0.5 oz.)
Lavender            15.95
Orange                8.98
Peppermint         13.95
Eucalyptus            9.95
Tea Tree             12.95
Rosemary           13.95
Bergamont          20.95
Lemongrass          9.95
Spearmint             11.95
White Grapefruit   24.95
Lip Balm,
Organic Sunflower          2.99
Key-Lime, Lavender-Orange, Natural, Peppermint, or Assorted
  Call for case pricing. 

We now have two new certified organic salves:  a muscle rub for sore, achy muscles and an arnica salve for bumps and bruises.  Both products are offered in a 0.6oz tube as a personal applicator and are sold individually or in a case of 12 tubes with its own display box.
$8.00 each/ case Price $43.00

Please Contact Me on the form below for general questions or product orders.

Always feel free to call me directly (949)300-4583.

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