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August 2017

It's The B.O.M.
Blend of the Month

Hot August Nights... & Days
Clary Sage & Lemon

Start and end your day with Clary Sage's Nurturing Love and Lemon's Crisp Clarity and Objectivity.

Slide into a cool eveningl bath with Clary Sage-Lemon Organic Bath Oil.

Start your day nourishing Mind & Body with Clary Sage-Lemon Organic Light Lotion or Luxurious Vegan Cream. 
Refresh midday with Clary Sage-Lemon Body Spray.

($3.50 to $29.50, 1 oz-8 oz)

Clary Sage
Psychological Uses: Reduce Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Mild Depression, Fear, Panic.

Subtle Uses: Increase Dreaming, Calms the Energy Centers,Strengthen Inner vision

Psychological Uses:
Mental Fog, Mental Clarity, Mild Depression

Subtle Uses:
Clears Energy Blocks & Emotional Confusion
Promotes mental clarity, objectivity and psychic awareness.

Elements of Change.


Summer is the season of the Fire Element.
 A time of warmth, a time to bloom. 

Summer slides into the office:

While Summer's Elements take a toll on our skin, Nature gives us the cure...Essential oils that cool heat, nourish skin and refresh our mind with Summer's harvest of Citrus and Florals. 

Happy Orange, Crisp Grapefruit, Calming Bergamot, Spunky Lemon... Now, let's add in some skin nourishment of one or more florals (along with there higher powers of the mind) ...  Warm-You-Heart Rose, Euphoric Jasmine, Peaceful Ylang-Ylang, Cure-All Lavender, Loving Millissa, Lightness & Joy of Neroli, Wisdom of Palmarosa, and others.

Added to your favorite base, Vegan Cream, Lotion or Oil, you're skin will be set for a 
Hot Summer.

 I love going to work !  
1100 South Coast Highway #315.
In the Village Faire Shoppes, between Oak and Brook Streets in the Hip District. 

Tucked back in a quiet alcove on the top floor, I've created a serene space to heal and rejuvenate.  

(Look for the Fed Ex Drop Box) 

Clients are loving the addition of this subtle work of Meridian Massage. Balancing Yin and Yang Qi for Mind, Body and Spirit.

In April I completes the 10 day Hands-On Workshop to wrap up months of studying for Certification! 
What an amazing experience in Miconpy, Florida with Cindy Black, founder of Big Tree School of Natural Healing. Cindy is a LMT, LAc , and has been teaching for over 20 years, massage, acupressure and meridian work, preferring human touch to needles. Working with Qi and the 5 Elements toward Free and Flowing Qi through the Meridians for health and vitality and balance. 
Taking healing to another level.   


Carib Therapies
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with a unique healing experience.

Margaret Holmes, BS, CMT
Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Meridian Massage
Certified Aromatherapist (in progress)

Laguna Beach Business Lic #248698
CA State Lic # 52018

1100 South Coast Highway #315.
Laguna Beach, Ca 92651

Between Oak and Brooks Streets in the Village Faire Center.
Free Underground parking (validation) and elevator accessible within the building.  

My intent as a Massage Therapist is to offer my clients a seamless blend of therapeutic modalities to meet their healing needs.

The 850 hours of training I bring to my table includes study and practice in Pain-Free Deep Tissue, Orthopedic Muscle Balancing, Myofacial Release, Slide Cupping, Trigger Point Techniques, Active Isolated Stretching, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure, Reiki, Hot Stone, Cellulite Elimination Massage, Palliative Hospice Massage and last but not least, the powerful tools within Aromatherapy.

This variety of therapeutic techniques allows me to approach your healing needs from a range of starting points, from acute issues to long term maintenance, from emotional to physical balance. 

In my 9 years of practice, I have had the privilege to work with clients from ages 11 to 101. From teaching an 11 year old gymnast how to massage her own forearms, to assisting Hospice Patients at life's end find an hour of peaceful, healing touch, I learn from each of you and share with all of you. You may think that my 101 year old client would have been such a Hospice patient, but no, she climbed on to my healing  table herself; what an inspiration she proved to be!  
 Our skin is our largest organ and is one of several starting points of health. This is why I use only Certified Organic Massage Oil and Vegan Massage Cream in your treatment. If you wish, I then add Pure GC/MS tested Essential Oils to these bases to enhance your healing, through inhalation and skin absorption. (more information).
Aromatherapy is the use of Essential Oils via inhalation and topical application. Essential Oils are the purest derivatives of plants and can be extremely powerful and need only be used in very small quantities .  

Our olfactory, our sense of smell, is a powerful mood adjustor, from calming/sedating to up-lifting/mental stimulating. Well known scents such as lavender and chamomile to lesser known oils such as Palmarosa and  Ylang Ylang, are calming to the mind while also nourishing and healing to the skin.  On the other end of the scale, well known scents like Peppermint and Rosemary to lesser known oils of Marjoram and Lemongrass, are uplifting to the mind and pain relieving to the body.

With over 40 plant oils to choose from, together, my clients and I choose which oils to use to balance mind and body.

Laguna Beach, Ca Massage Therapy

Since becoming a Certified Massage Therapist I have had the fortune to share my work wherever I went: from the Sierra Nevada Foothills outside Yosemite National Park to the Caribbean Island of Montserrat, and now back to my hometown of Laguna Beach, California. 

Montserrat, where I spent 25 years visiting family and making friends over those years, has a special place in my heart.  And it is from there that the name of my business derives: Carib Therapies. Bringing to mind the power of nature, from destructive hurricanes and volcanos to the restorative and regenerative ability of nature to heal itself and ourselves.

January 2015 brought me back to my home town of Laguna Beach offering In-Home-Treatments. 

Starting May 2017, I  opened my own office space  enabling my clients the option of 'stepping away from it all', and the synergy of all these modalities have to offer my clients.

Laguna Beach massage therapy

For appointment: 

Mobile:  949-300-4583

1100 South Coast Highway, #315
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Laguna Beach, Ca Massage Therapy
Carib Therapies



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